What is M5K?

Some Things You Should Know

New Technology

The M5K team introduces to you the headliner product that merges the world of art, fashion, social interaction and musical distribution.

Innovative Art and Design

The M5K team shows you the art, animation, and ideas that inspired these creative designs and technology.

Merging Music and Art

The M5K team merges the world of art and technology, utilizing it as a form of entertainment and a teaching tool.


Our mission is to inspire creativity through social interaction and collaboration.

Development and Release Schedule

Follow our story and progress through Kickstarter all the way to market
May - 2017

Phase One

$5000 * Prototype development * Testing the prototype
June - 2017

Phase Two

$8000 * Product alpha testing * Focus groups * Quality assistance * Further product development
August- 2017

Phase Three

$12,000 * Cross promotion * Packages / Bundles * Beta testing * Product package development * Prelaunch pre-order * Mobile app creation
September- 2017

Phase Four

$140,000 * Manufacturing * Licensing * Endorsements * Advertising

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